“Torch of Humanity”

Mikeberti is a Persian-American artist who went through the revolution and a bloody war as a soldier in the Air Force, where he witnessed and experienced the dark side of the civilization and its danger to humans and to humanity as a whole.

In search of heaven, America, he took a small bag, left his life, family and friends behind and ran away from Iran through the Al Qaeda death route in southern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

After his arrival to the US in 1984 as a refugee of war, and being an artist Mikeberti made the first artwork of his own 3D art creation, which was a mix of Persian rug and the painting techniques made from nail and metallic string on the black velvet. He was born to an artist family. His grandfather was a Persian rug designer and maker whose masterpieces lived in the palaces of Shah of Iran.

The artwork was for the president of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan. The 7 foot tall masterpiece, “Washington Monument”, has been in the presidential collections of the White House since then, 1984.

Years later due to some health issues and loss of business, Mikeberti went through the darkest moments of his life and into a deep depression. In that darkness his artist nature came to rescue him. The love and the light that he was looking for his life, he put in his art and created another 3D masterpiece of his own creation again, only this time it was completed after 12 years!

He chose a candle to work on to cast light on the darkness of his life and to be amused with the dance of its flame through the dark nights. As if watching the stars in the sky at night for light, he employed some 3,000 Swarovski crystals to the body of his 6 foot tall artwork and named it “Torch of Humanity”.

Torch of Humanity is a candle that represents the first light of civilization and for that reason it was paired with “Cyrus the Great Cylinder”, the very first rights of humans in our history from the same land of Persia!

Candle has been the source of light throughout ages and is symbolic in all religions for its holy beauty and the flame of it. In its light books, poems and messages have been written and read for centuries. Its light is livelihood of life and life itself.

A candle connects us all together originating from the same source of thought consciousness and light. Candle gives power and magic to the flame that is neither male nor female but all and everything.

We are all created by the flame of soul, and have the knowledge that there is more than physical reality. All is magic and illusion, light and clarity, life and glory. Candle burns out but the legend never will.

Torch of Humanity is a symbol of love, light, peace and unity which has come together with “Love International Film Festival” in the support of its mission through art. It is the collective effort and the cooperation that will bring us together, not the competition. It is our togetherness that will create a better future for us and for our children. At LIFF we are gathering together to celebrate life through art and humanity which is what our world needs the most at the present time!

Let’s keep the Torch of Humanity lit in our time by being united and together, and pass it on to the next generation, our children, for a brighter future!






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