Jen Yen, At the young age of 5 Jen Yen learned her love of music. Since then, she has won many competition prizes. She plays and teaches a variety of instruments, including the Chinese instrument, Long Zither, and Pino. Though she is well known for her musicianship, she is as well-known for her calligraphy art which is kept in different museums in China and Taiwan. She is also head of the Chains Calligraphy Association in the United State.

Also, she is a scientist and well educated in the science and field of acupuncture. She also is a great golfer and horseback rider/jumper as well as a very successful real estate investor. As co-founder, Of Love International Film Festival Jen is an integral part of LIFF to help The Lotus Light Children Charity to Heal and enlighten the children of need and children in general. And as well as handling duties of VP Operations for TLLCC. LIFF and TLLCC would not be where they are today without her