Love International Film Festival 8th Anniversary.

Since 2015, the #EveryKidinaPark program has given fourth graders free access to America’s public lands and waters for a full year! Earlier this month, several federal agencies announced a commitment to keeping the #EveryKidinaPark program running. Today, you can hear about #EveryKidinaPark from First Lady Michelle Obama to learn what #EveryKidinaPark is all about.

Love International Film Festival and The Lotus Light Children Charity


First Ladies of the United States of America Michelle Obama and Laura Bush as Ambassadors of Love and Peace for their work with Every Kid in a Park.

Hillary Clinton—who became the first woman to clinch a major party’s nomination—has reached across the aisle to help children and youths. For instance, her work is highlighted with former Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, a major Clinton political adversary, on legislation to help foster and adoptive children.

LIFF Revenue From 2019 Go To “The Lotus Light Children Charity” To Help To Heal The Children Through Art