Joycelyne Lew is an actress, model, standup comic, voice over artist and magician. She also works behind the scenes as a hair and make up artist, writer and pro-ducer. ; She started Final Print, a full-service printing company that designs and prints for the entertainment industry and business community. Final Print has helped the print needs of nonprofit organizations such as Cure Autism Now, AMWA, Love Never Fails, and Kids in the Spotlight. Joycelyne has worked with children as a preschool teacher in the inner city and recently taught make up at Valley Torah high school. Her masters thesis was entitled “Learning through Art.” She believes in individualized instruction and using the arts as a tool for reading and other cognitive skills. As the author of “Cooking in with Joycelyne,” she hopes to help teach low income earners ways to save money preparing inexpensive nutri-tious and delicious meals. She is creating easy to follow free videos on YouTube. This will counteract childhood obesity and a portion of proceeds from her cook-book will benefit world hunger. Joycelyne supports the ideals of promoting peace in the world through our children and the LIFF and Lotus Light Foundation mirrors the goals of improving universal acceptance and equality. It empowers