1. Facilitate dialogue at different levels and sectors of society in conflict through art of cinema and art in general.

2. Encourage and motivate the international community to address the structural causes of conflict.

3. Generate international awareness for the issues and concerns arising out of our work and through the written works and films honored at LICFF, and created by young people, men and women.

4. Open an on-going dialogue with creative people on how non-violent conflict resolution can be accomplished and promoted throughout the international entertainment industry.

5. Cultivate an awareness of solutions to violent conflict resolution, honoring creative diversity, developing an intercultural dialogue, and stimulating this creative resource.

6. Identify and address the root causes of violence and contribute to the just and peaceful transformation of violent conflict resolution. The core of conflict transformation is the building of a sustainable peace between all people. This involves a process of profound change in attitude, transforming violent situations into environments in which reconciliation, respect for other people, social justice and participatory democracy can take root. LIFF/TLLCC are committed to promotes, encourages, educates and rewards non-violent conflict resolution in the arts & film.

To achieve this very important global objective, we need a league of volunteers to guide the children of our world toward the universal truth, removing obstacles to love and tolerance. Become an Ambassador of LOVE. Lead the way to build the future on a foundation of PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT and TOLERANCE toward one another, and soon we will build an army of peaceful and loving people who can defend the spirit of love and peace.