Our mission is to build a Love league of empowered, educated, proactive individuals, who will have the necessary resources to be able to reach out to impoverished children in countries throughout the world. Countries that are often burdened by religious wars or warring ideologies, and show them an alternate way of life, one of: Love, Peace, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Respect. Through the healing and self-expressive nature of the Arts, in the forms of Music/Song, Film/Video, Poetry, Story Telling, Still Photography, Visual Arts and Dance. We hope to inspire children with an abundance of positivity and provide them an outlet to consider alternate ways of life, hopefully keeping them out of the streets where they can be exposed to and influenced by gangs and radical organizations. We want to have the resources available to us to make a difference in these children’s lives and to be able to truly provide value to their existence. We will be in constant search of global projects that are aimed at combating the exploitative circumstances surrounding impoverished children on a global scale.

To achieve this very important global objective, we need an league of volunteers to guide the children of our world towards the universal truth, removing obstacles to love and tolerance. Become an Ambassador of LOVE.

Lead the way to build the future on a foundation of PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT and TOLERANCE toward one another, and soon we will build an army of peaceful and loving people who can defend the spirit of love and peace.

This growing spiritual movement is happening today. The younger generation is open and willing to be part of that movement. In 2017 the world will begin experience its positive impact. The LIFF and the TLLCC is working to be at the forefront of this global change. Your support for the TLLCC and the LIFF is a simple step forward in making this vision happen.