• LIFFs festival will be held September 18th,  through the September 21st, 2019.
  • Program and award night and place were venue will be held will be announce by June or before.
  • Love International Film Festival (LIFF), which will benefit the Lotus Light Childrens Charity (TLLCC) has been organized to promote a week of love, peace and healing through the art of cinema.
  • All personal at LIFF and TLLCC are volunteers  and no one gets paid. Please do understand that LIFF or either TLLCC has no sponsors and all expenses are paid by Ata Servati and cofounder Jen Yen. Therefore festival cannot cover any expenses for the participants. We expect artists to join and help us to ENLIGHTEN and HEAL children through art around the world.

To learn more go to www.liff.info or www.tllcc.net

To obtain your passes click the bellow link;  



LIFF is seeking films with following message:

We like to see any kind of film which deals with family matters, Children, Animals, Cultures or Nature and that promotes true love and brings awareness and souls together. Films that inspire feelings of peace, love, acceptance, and tolerance towards Children, Families, Friends, Nations, Cultures, Nature and Animals.

Dare to expose or share any injustice of any kind found throughout the world towards, Humans, Children, Animals, or Nature that can enlighten audiences and enable a more globalized effort towards eradicating the problem and help people come together and heal through Love, Peace, Understanding and Acceptance.

Documentaries that educate and display the sharing of culture and its impact, through local and historic customs, rituals, dance, and art form. We encourage all films and/or documentaries that show your countrys traditions, customs, culture, and how that has affected you and made you proud of who you are, and a proud advocate of change for betterment and equality.