We at TLLCC and LICFF believe Film is an incredibly powerful, multidimensional medium. It has the power to inspire, educate, uplift, and tell the truth frame by frame. At Lotus Light, we are committed to seeking out films that help enlighten and move the audience to a place of compassion and activism. Our goal is to bring young people together from all continents. We will educate children globally, teaching them, what we all have in common is far stronger than our differences. We appreciate your participation in our mission.

We would like to see you pick up a camera, put your team together and create your Film/Video/documentary and share it with others through TLLCC. We encourage you to capture what is unique within your culture and its customs. Our common goal through knowledge is to manifest understanding, compassion and respect, uniting the peoples of the world. Therefore we create a program entitled, Love International Children Film Festival Experience.” “LICFFE”. Read Less.

Join TLLCC, and Love International Children Film Festival program, called, Love International Children Film Festival Experience.” “LICFFE”

Our intentions are to aide boys and girls under 18 years old by getting them involved in the arts. We strongly believe getting involved in the arts will keep our youth out of trouble and open up their imaginations and heart to dream big and stay in fine line. Therefore, TLLCC in conjunction with LICFF is launching the Love International Children Film Festival EXPERIENCE.

Our goal is to approach groups of young adults at the high school level and provide them with opportunity to create short films together.

We offer the following:

A-TLLCC in conjunction with LICFF will select up to 10 schools at the poor area for the first year and provide each team from the school with seed money for them to complete a film project. Our intentions are for the team to experience film-making from start to finish, by going through all phases, from developing the story and script, to assigning roles as director, producer and star for their project, and to come up with a budget. Then they will use the seed money to create a fundraising strategy to raise the full budget they need to complete their project.

B-All funding received by each group will go to pay for their film project.

C-All the net revenue of merchandise sold by each team through TLLCC or LICFF will goes towards their project.

D-We will assign an artist/filmmaker to lead each team and help them through the process, from beginning to end.

E-LICFF will have a special screening of each individual film; as well as a screening for all ten films being made.

F-The LICFF team will meet the students interested at a gathering at their school and have an organic, freestyle conversation about their ideas.

G-LICFF will set up a group of judges and select the following;

1-Best Film

2-Best Male Actor

3-Best Female Actor

4-Best Supporting Male Actor

5-Best Supporting Female Actor

6-Best Director

7- Best Script

8-Best Cinematography

9- Best Music

H-LICFF will announce and honor the winners during the LICFF Awards Ceremony

I-All youth under 18 are welcome to submit their film even if they are not sign by TLLCC in this program.

Important note; Director of the submitted film must be under 18 years old to be able to submit his/her film.

Notice 2; By submitting your film you get one free pass to 2016 LICFF award night event. Even if your film is not one of the selected film.


We strongly suggest the topics incorporate love, peace, tolerance, understanding, friendship, and cultural diversity. But we do want to let the team express themselves as they see fit.

We are seeking the following help:

A-If you are a filmmaker or involved in film-making as a writer, actor, director, Cinematographer or producer, please join us to help and lead the team of your choice.

B-If you know of a school, especially in a low income area that would benefit from this adventure please let us know and we welcome you to take action in setting up a meeting for us to meet school officials and any teachers that would like to chaperone.

C-LICFFE and TLLCC seeks your financial help to fund the school which do not have opportunity to provide fund for their student to compete in this program. All fund rase at the city or country will be spend at the same city or country, unless the donor wish otherwise. Van Nuys High School is chosen to launch the program. So if you can be a sponsor of any kind, or can set us up with a sponsor please let us know. (All funds donated go to help make the films and are tax deductible, this includes any merchandise

purchased for the projects.)

Please write us at; info@thelotuslightchildrencahrity.org

To learn more about the Love International Children Film Festival,which supports this program go to; www.loveinternationalchildrenfilmfestival.com